Monday, 18 August 2014

Reluctantly selling my leather craft hobby. I've had many hours of fun and enjoyment making bags, purses, key fobs, belts, bracelets and bookmarks and many hours of enjoyment at craft fairs and steam rallies.  That stage of life has come to an end, and I must sell my gear and let someone else enjoy it.

I have for sale approx 30 embossing stamps, about 1", horses, cat dog, teddy bears, bike, car etc.  please have a look at photos.
Leather splitter.
Small alphabet set in box.
80+hand stamps.
Wooden handle tooling x 10 
Big fly press with key fob cutter.
Press studs, rivets, d-rings, o-rings, buckles.
Books and patterns.
Industrial sewing machine.
Portable hot foil printer with alphabet and foils.
Ready made 80+ key rings, 60+bracelets,10book marks.
5 shoulder bags in the progress of being made.
Box of leather,ready cut for belts.
Leather skins.
Boxes of leather off-cuts

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