Thursday, 30 September 2010

One of the many things that I'm doing, I have just started a stump doll, it is for an exhibition next year called"The Natural World" and I would like it to resemble a tree. the stump body looking like bark, branches for fingers, and either branches and leaves coming out of her head, or just leaves for her hair. Whetherr I'm just dreaming this or whether it will work, only time will tell, but I've made a start and I'm pleased the way the body has turned out.( the head doesn't belong to this doll, was just lying on the table, so pinned on body)


  1. The body shape looks very interesting and I am waiting to see what you do with her.

  2. Did you model it on me?:) looking forward to seeing it develop at the next Stitch in 9 meeting