Saturday, 19 December 2009

Button Doll Instructions

1. Made pattern, I made a triangle, base 2" wide, 2.5" high, then drew round a £1 coin for the head, the coin is about 1" across. Total height including head 3.25"
2. Draw round pattern on 2 layers of fabric, I've used calico, could use patterned.
3. Machine stitch around line.
4. Cut out and snip around head, making sure you don't snip into stitching.

5. Turn inside out.
6. Stuff.

7. Turn small hem under and ladder stitch across.
8. I have painted the body with acrylic paint, if you don't want a painted body add a little dress. ( A piece of fabric 8" x 2.5", stitch up side seam. Do running stitch along the top, gather until it fits the doll's body just under where the arms will be, stitch onto body. Don't make the dress too long as you want to see the leg buttons)
9. Arms. Using a stronger thread like linen, attach thread to top of shoulder, add 3 buttons, 1 bead for the elbow, 3 buttons, smaller bead for hand. star bead, hand bead, 3 buttons, elbow bead, 3 buttons, stitch to other shoulder, then take needle through the body to the 1s shoulder, thread back through all the buttons and beads using the opposite holes, ( Bead use the same hole, 2hole button use opposite button, 4 hole button, use hole diagonally opposite the one first used.)
See diagram 10.

11. Attach thread to base of body, add 5 Buttons, 1 knee bead, 5 buttons, 1 larger button for foot, go back through other hole of foot button and back up buttons and bead to body. Leave a space of thread only at the top of about 0.5" as to allow the doll to sit down, fasten off and repeat for other leg.
12. Add hair, if you want to hang it up, add a loop of ribbon. If you want it to be a fairy add wings. Mine were made from a piece of lace iI bought for another project. These could be stitched or glued on.
Hope you can follow these instructions, if not, let me know as this is I first time I have written instructions and no doubt I have left some thing out.
Size of buttons I used for arms and lower legs are 1cm, thighs 1.2cm, foot 1.5cm,
elbow and knees beads 0.6cm.
This is only a guide as you can use more buttons to make longer arms and legs, you can make wings from feathers or free machine them on soluble fabric.
Have Fun.


  1. They are very cute and so easy to make.Thanks for the mini tut.

  2. Your buttons dolls are so wonderful, thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! They are so cute and look easy! Will be giving one a try soon!